5 Tips to Overcome Feminine Dryness

5 Tips to Overcome Feminine Dryness

Sep 30 , 2020

Shashicka Tyre-Hill


Hunties, it’s time to address a problem that every woman has dealt with: feminine dryness. 

Having some issues when it’s time to enjoy yourself? Don’t worry, you can say it. It’s no secret that most women experience occasional feminine dryness. The great news is that you’re not alone and everyone knows it’s more than just a little annoying. 

Sex isn’t nearly as fun if you’re worried about being dry. But it doesn’t have to be that way! So, why not do something about it?

The Way It All Works

We’re sure y’all know your bodies really well by now, but let’s just review a few things, shall we? 

The wetness you’re accustomed to is your body’s way of keeping your Vibe clean and healthy. Usually, the estrogen in your body helps you maintain that thin layer of fluid in your vagina. 

When you’re excited, your body makes extra to aid with sex. If your levels of estrogen drop, so does the moisture. It can happen to anyone (and it happens to us all), so don’t panic!

Estrogen levels naturally fluctuate during your lifetime, but a few specific things to look out for that might lead to vaginal dryness are:

  •         Certain medications, such as antidepressants
  •         Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments
  •         Giving birth
  •         Breastfeeding
  •       Menopause
  •         Douching
  •         Lack of foreplay 

But it’s not just about sex! Even if that’s not your thing, feminine dryness can make it uncomfortable to pee, sit, stand, walk around, exercise, or just live your life. Hunties, whatever the reason, we’ve got five things to try if your Vibe is leaving you high and dry.

Test Your pH Level 

No matter what’s happening, it is always a good idea to know what you’re working with! A quick swab can tell you a lot about why your Vibe isn’t vibing with you. You know you’ve been keeping it clean and healthy, so what’s the problem? Your pH balance might have a clue! 

A pH scale ranges from acidic (1-7) to basic (7-14), with 7 being neutral. A normal level is often less than 5 because your vagina is normally fairly acidic. The acidity prevents certain infections and keeps you feeling confident. The same way that hormone levels fluctuate, pH levels fluctuate too, so don’t worry if yours isn’t within the perfect range.

It’s something to check on as part of your feminine hygiene because you are a responsible Vibe owner, but it’s more important to keep track over time. Major changes let you know that something is off. 

Femme Detox’s Vibe pH Test Strips can help you make sure your Vibe is happy and healthy in the pH department!

Pamper Yourself with A V-Tox 

Who doesn’t want to refresh their Vibe? Douching might seem like a reasonable answer for getting clean, but a lot of products contain artificial ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction or increase sensitivity (and not in a good way!). Douching washes out everything, even the stuff we want to keep in there, like good bacteria. Some people develop infections from frequent douching, and that is no way to treat your Vibe!

Instead, try more natural cleansing routines and products. There are plenty of organic products that are gentle on skin and good for outer use. If you’re worried about the inside, don’t be too quick to use your normal soap! Try special products specifically made for your Vibe.  Cleansing with steam infused with natural herbs is a lot less likely to irritate that sensitive skin and will leave you feeling refreshed and sexy.

Look for products that include:

  •         Motherwort
  •         Rosemary
  •         Mugwort
  •         Lavender
  •         Calendula
  •         Rose petals
  •         Albizia
  •         Oregano
  •         Safflower
  •         Basil
  •         Aloe vera
  •         Yarrow
  •         Partridge berry
  •         Dandelion
  •         Sage
  •         Dong qui
  •         Marshmallow
  •         Witch hazel
  •         Raspberry leaf
  •         Chamomile
  •         Himalayan salt

Play Around

Ladies, you are queens, and you deserve the best. Don’t let your partner get away with a lackluster job! When you fly solo, you find what works and what doesn’t, so don’t be afraid to tell your partner that you need a little more time to get in the groove. If they aren’t willing, kick them out of bed and do it yourself! You know what you need, so treat yourself. The whole point is to have fun!

The sad fact is, without complicating factors, the most common cause for feminine dryness is lack of arousal. 

Maybe you’re stressed out, maybe you’re not interested, maybe you haven’t played around enough… but it doesn’t have to be that way, y’all! There’s nothing to be ashamed of; talk it out. If there’s something stressing you out or the time isn’t right, speak up. Sure, you might think it’s embarrassing, but when you’re being intimate with someone, it’s time to lay your cards on the table. No one should have to endure painful sex, especially when it doesn’t have to be.

Take control of your sex life and make it fun for everyone involved!

Stay Slick 

Feel fresh and confident with some all-natural lubricant. Extra moisture soothes and calms your intimate areas and aids in the insertion process. There’s no shame in using a little more than what nature gave you! Vaginal moisturizers and lubricants are much less expensive than hormone therapy, especially when it isn’t covered by insurance.

As a quick note, vaginal moisturizers are part of a daily hygiene routine and applied a few times a week. Lubricants are used during sexual activity. However, many moisturizers can double as lubricants, so check the label. With the right lubricant, you can refresh your Vibe without breaking your piggy bank!

Be wary of what you’re applying in your quest for fresh, though. Many normal body lotions contain scented ingredients that can irritate your vulva and other sensitive areas. However, sexual lubricants make use of coconut oil, olive oil, and other oil extracts that are gentle on your Vibe. 

Try applying before and during sexual activity directly to the lips and vulva to ease the way, and soon, you’ll be gliding towards bliss!

Talk to Your Doctor

Most of the time, feminine dryness is a temporary problem, likely related to your menstrual cycle or menopausal happenings, but sometimes, it’s a symptom of something a little more serious. When in doubt, partner with a medical professional. 

They can also help you rule out different causes with a few exams, and can prescribe medication that can help you feel ready to play again. They may also advise hormone therapy or a topical cream to compensate for your low estrogen levels. This may not be everyone’s go-to solution, and plenty of people respond amazingly to holistic methods. It never hurts to be safe!

The doctor’s office is also a great option just in case what you’re experiencing isn’t actual vaginal dryness. 

What? Wouldn’t I know if I’m dry? 

Hunties, we’re not doubting that you do, but our bodies can be tricky sometimes. The itching, burning discomfort might be symptoms of something else entirely and your doctor can give you the right medication to treat your condition so you can get back in the saddle!

Not to mention the fact that medications you take might actually be the cause of the dryness. Some allergy medications, antidepressants, and cancer treatments have side effects including vaginal dryness. Your doctor can give you advice and guidance about counteracting vaginal dryness in a safe, healthy way. 

Don’t desert your Vibe in the desert of vaginal dryness, and don’t suffer in silence! When it comes to dryness, you have options!






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