6 Ways to Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

6 Ways to Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

Oct 09 , 2020

Shashicka Tyre-Hill

Hunties, we’ve all done the famous “sniff check” before walking out the door in the morning – and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’ve all glanced in the mirror on our way out, touched something up, smacked on a little lip balm, or otherwise primped before leaving our home, car, or the bathroom. We want to look and feel our best! And there are no apologies needed for that! 

Today, we’re going to talk about some ways to maintain and perfect your personal hygiene. And I’m not just talking about brushing your teeth, hunties. What better way to feel great than to know that your Vibe is fresh and clean? 

Plenty of articles will tell you about deodorant or floral scented detergent, but cleanliness starts with your womanhood. Now, we all know that your Vibe will naturally clean itself, but there’s no harm in facilitating that cleaning with additional tools, as long as you choose them carefully.

Sure, y’all know that there are times when you’re distinctly not feeling so fresh down there, but even if you're dealing with your period, you can still stay on top of your hygiene. These tips and tricks may not ease the cramps or bloating, but it’s nice to refresh your Vibe and try to feel fabulous even when it’s not the most fabulous time of the month.


Unscented Soap 

Your Vibe is sensitive – there’s no doubt! So, be careful of what you’re using to clean it. 

Many types of scented and conventional soaps are too harsh for that sensitive skin, and they wash away the good bacteria your vagina needs to thrive. All those extra chemicals can cause unwanted dryness and itchiness. However, unscented soap on the outer area will gently clean without irritating, but just remember not to use too much. Even gentle soaps applied too vigorously can still mess with your Vibe’s pH balance and natural secretions. If you disrupt that balance, you can be at risk for certain types of infections, which are no fun!

Use a small amount of natural soap and work it into a lather. Make sure to only use it on the outer lips, clitoris, and hood. Don’t use the soap inside your vagina, even if it’s unscented. Your Vibe can take care of that part without soap, so leave it to good old Mother Nature!


Feminine Wash 

There are special types of soap called  “feminine wash” which are made to preserve the pH balance and good bacteria in your vagina while allowing you to clean the vulva and outer intimate areas. You can use a small washcloth or your hand, but, either way, be gentle! 

Use small, circular motions to get clean and then move on. Many feminine washes advertise that they’ll improve your natural smell, but your Vibe wasn’t made to smell like a flower! So, don’t fret about that, hunties. If your partner has a problem with the smell, that’s a “them thing.”

If you’re worried about your scent, don’t hesitate to talk to a doctor. It’s probably just your natural smell and is completely healthy. If it isn’t, or if you’ve noticed a sudden, major change in your Vibe’s scent, your doctor may be able to give you some answers. A change in smell may indicate a pH imbalance, yeast infection, or other kind of problem.


Vaginal Steaming 

Say what? Vaginal steaming? Pick your jaw up off the floor, hunties, because steaming is a fabulously fresh way to cleanse your intimate areas. 

The steam is infused with special herbs that are specifically chosen to refresh and soothe your Vibe and can even be used during that aggravating time of the month. It’s a simple process: you sit over a pot of hot, steamy water filled with natural herbs. The steam helps refresh your Vibe while you sit back and relax, something every girl deserves!

So, what exactly does the steaming do? 

Oh hunties, when done right, cleansing your yoni with steam can detoxify, support your Vibe’s natural pH balance, and so much more! It’s a must-do experience! Just make sure you check the temperature before popping a squat because there is nothing worse than settling in to relax with a good book and getting burned! Test the temp first, then light some candles, get some incense, and prepare to refresh.


V-Tox Pearls

Who doesn’t want to spruce things up with a shiny string of pearls? Well, these aren’t those kinds of pearls, unfortunately, but they do help you maintain good hygiene. Yoni pearls are a natural, solid remedy made from cloth wrapped tightly around all-natural, cleansing herbs. The pearl is inserted into your vagina, and the herbs diffuse into your body. 

Yoni Pearls are just one example of this type of feminine hygiene. Just make sure you don’t leave your little gems in for more than 24 hours.

These pearls provide an additional way to ensure your vaginal hygiene is in tip top shape. And, because they’re made with all-natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about artificial chemicals damaging your Vibe. Simply insert, leave in for a while, then remove. Not much effort required – we like to keep it simple, just the way you like it!


Cotton Panties 

Hunties, we all know how important our clothes are! That’s why you should choose natural fabrics, and what is more natural than breathable, cotton underwear? It’s gentle and allows moisture to evaporate instead of staying damp. Many women (and their Vibes) are sensitive to synthetic fabrics, and they don’t have the same kind of breathability which can cause yeast infections.

We tell our kiddos to “get out of those damp clothes,” and we need to take our own advice! Wet, warm clothes are bacteria’s favorite place to live. Your Vibe already has the perfect balance of bacteria, so staying in those damp conditions can only cause an infection by unbalancing your bacteria. 

Try to remember to change your panties every day, at the very least. If you’ve been sweating, that moisture buildup may bother you, so feel free to change more often than once a day.  


Feminine Wipes 

You can keep these handy little things in your purse for emergencies or just a quick refresh on the go. They’re nice to use during the day, especially if you’re using public bathrooms, to help prevent infections when you can’t quite get the clean you get at home in the comfort of your own bathroom. We know that toilet paper isn’t always enough, especially on those really heavy flow days. 

Trust us, hunties, we understand! There isn’t always time for a shower, even when you definitely need one. Well, spray on that dry shampoo, apply some extra deodorant, and reach for some feminine wipes. And, for your Vibe’s sake, check those ingredients! Not all wipes are created equal. Look for wipes with natural ingredients that don’t have perfumes or dyes. 

Just remember, if you’re concerned about abnormal discharge, have any sores, or are prone to yeast infections, stay away from wipes and other additional cleansing routines until you’ve talked to your doctor.


And One More For the “NOT-To-Try” List! 

Wait! What about douching? Douching seems like it ought to be on this list, right hunties? Isn’t it apparently the ultimate tool to clean everything from the inside out? It markets itself as fast and easy--just aim, squirt, and rinse. You use either plain water or a mixture involving vinegar or other cleansing chemicals. Some people even think it works as birth control! (But just a little secret - it doesn’t!) 

Unfortunately, douching is not recommended by most doctors. 

Your Vibe is quite capable of cleaning itself and while it’s fine to help out with the cleansing process with gentle, natural products, douching is extremely invasive. It’s associated with many types of intimate health problems, such as endometritis, cervical cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, and a higher risk of STIs. So, hunties, protect your vagina, and say no to douching!

Now that you have a few tried and true secrets up your sleeve to help maintain fresh and fabulous feminine hygiene, you can walk out the door with confidence – no sniff test needed!






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