7 Benefits of Yoni Pearls

7 Benefits of Yoni Pearls

Oct 29 , 2020

Shashicka Tyre-Hill

Ever heard of Yoni Pearls? Well, if you haven’t, we have some amazing news for you! These little pearls can literally rock your Vibe’s world. 

A Yoni Pearl is a feminine hygiene product consisting of a small, mesh ball full of all-natural herbs used as a great way to cleanse your Vibe and support overall health. Yoni Pearls are an awesome way to give your Vibe the boost it needs.

So, are you ready to learn about all the benefits you could experience with Yoni Pearls? Then strap in tight because here we go!

#1: They Can Support Reproductive Health

Being a mother is an amazing experience, and we are so excited about your journey. That being said, it’s not always an easy journey to begin. We were always told, growing up, that just once is enough to get pregnant, but it’s not a full-proof method! Now, you might find yourself putting in a little more time and effort just to get pregnant in the first place, either because of your individual body or the fact that women are generally waiting a little longer before giving birth nowadays. 

Never fear, Yoni Pearls are here to help! Say what? Yoni Pearls can help me get pregnant? Yes, hunties, you saw that right. While Yoni Pearls shouldn’t be used during pregnancy, some women have said that it can help with trying to become pregnant by supporting your overall reproductive health. It is a way to help your Vibe detoxify and prepare for the stress on your body associated with pregnancy. 

You’re about to go through a lot of changes while you wait for your precious bundle of joy to be born, and we want to ease the way for you!

#2: They’re All-Natural

A Yoni Pearl is a small bag of fabric that contains some all-natural herbs that can infuse your Vibe with some great benefits. And, as an extra bonus, because the fabric is breathable and the herbs don’t contain any artificial ingredients, you generally don’t have to worry about Toxic Shock Syndrome when leaving the pearl inserted.

These natural herbs support your body’s overall health, assist in regulating your menstrual cycles, easing cramps, and help out with your feminine cleanliness. Are you wondering how such a tiny little ball can have such a huge effect on your body? Well, it’s truly thanks to all the herbs inside! 

Some of the amazing ingredients you should look for in your Yoni Pearl include:

  •         Dong Quai
  •         Lovage
  •         Borneol
  •         Refined Osthol
  •         Stemona Root
  •         Kochia Scoparia
  •         Motherwort
  •        Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae

#3: They Refresh Your Vibe

V-Toxing is the best way to pamper yourself when you’re feeling stressed out and want to do something soothing for your body. Your Vibe is actually self-cleaning, without any help from you, but it’s never a bad idea to give your body a little TLC every once in a while. Yoni Pearls are a great idea when you want a little something extra out of your beauty routine.

Besides being odorless and not containing any nasty artificial ingredients, Yoni Pearls also support your uterine and reproductive health, help support a normal menstrual cycle, and provide some comfort during your period. Yoni Pearls are not meant to be used during your period, but if you use them beforehand, they can help with your next cycle and future ones, too!

#4: They’re Easy to Use

Each Yoni Pearl is tiny, allowing for easy, painless insertion. There shouldn’t be any pain with the insertion as long as you follow the instructions on the product’s packaging. Yoni Pearls are inserted like a tampon, but they’re smaller. They still have the same kind of string you’re accustomed to which allows for simple removal when you’re done.

Make sure to only insert one pearl at a time, and that it’s far enough inside that you can no longer see the pearl. The string should still be visible and far enough out that you will be able to use it for removal. 

If you see more discharge than is normal for your Vibe while you’re V-Toxing, don’t worry. That’s totally normal! 

When you’re finished with your V-Tox, gently rinse the area and pat down your vulva. It may be a little sensitive after removing the Yoni Pearl, but that sensitivity goes away quickly for most people.

#5: They’re Long Lasting 

While Yoni Pearls shouldn’t be left in for more than 24 hours, you should leave them in for at least a few hours to gain the maximum benefits from them. Many women find that most benefits occur when the pearls are left in for more than a few hours, just to give your body time to fully absorb the healthful herbs inside. 

The herbal benefits aren’t just temporary either! These effects stay with you and keep your body happy. Always make sure to wash your hands before inserting a Yoni Pearl to ensure that one of the lasting effects isn’t an infection.

#6: They’re Affordable

Our 3-pack of Yoni Pearls is only $30, and we have tons of feminine wellness bundles that save you a ton of money! 

Hunties, that is a great deal for the amount of awesome effects these little powerful pearls are handing out! A lot of treatments can break the bank, but not Yoni Pearls! Forget about the spa treatments that cost a fortune because Yoni Pearls are affordable enough for every woman to have access to a happy Vibe!

Just keep in mind, they should be used one at a time and, after having been used, dispose of each Yoni Pearl. They are not reusable, but, luckily, they’re cost-effective enough that they don’t need to be! 

#7: They’re Convenient

This isn’t the type of treatment where you have to drive to a specialist or go somewhere fancy like a spa to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Yoni Pearls can be used in the comfort of your own home. You can purchase them without fear and make use of their amazing benefits while safely socially distancing and staying home. Their small size makes them discreet and easy to store in between uses, too.

Not to mention the fact that Yoni Pearls don’t cramp your style. You can shower and pee with one in without any worry. 

After you remove a pearl, make sure to thoroughly rinse the area with warm water. You may see some extra discharge with the removal, but that’s completely normal. You don’t want any of that sticking around in your undies for the rest of the day, so wash it all out and dispose of the used Yoni Pearl. Easy peasy!

Wrapping Things Up

Always keep an eye on your body and be conscious of the fact that there are a chance of side effects associated with using Yoni Pearls. Stay in contact with your doctor, and be sure to let them know if you feel any burning or irritation that persists after rinsing and finishing use of your Yoni Pearls.

Hunties, the Yoni Pearl is just one of the many amazing options now available to proud Vibe owners who want to go the extra mile with their feminine self-care routine. Not so long ago, feminine hygiene products were neither available on the market nor talked about. So, we’re actually incredibly lucky to live in a time where we can talk about our Vibes and how to keep them healthy and happy. 

Ready to try a Yoni Pearl? Knowledge is power, so take control and gift your Vibe a refreshing, benefit-filled experience!





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