8 Tips and Facts About Female Hygiene

8 Tips and Facts About Female Hygiene

Oct 19 , 2020

Shashicka Tyre-Hill

Ok, hunties, it’s time to dish the dirt on how to stay clean. Today, we’re going to talk about some ways to beautifully maintain your feminine hygiene. And I’m not just talking about brushing your teeth! Female hygiene isn’t always a popular subject (and understandably so), but it’s something that we all need the scoop on. After all, it’s important to be a responsible Vibe owner, right?

1. Only the Outside Needs to Be Cleaned

When we talk about cleaning your Vibe, there’s actually two separate parts involved. The vulva, or outer parts, and the vagina, which is actually the canal inside.

Inside of your vagina, your body works to keep you clean and maintain colonies of good bacteria that you need to protect your Vibe from infection. In fact, the discharge you might notice in your panties is your Vibe’s way of self-cleaning and staying healthy!

Like all external parts of your body, the vulva, however, does need to be manually cleansed. This includes the clitoris, clitoral hood, and inner and outer lips. You can do this by gently massaging a small amount of unscented soap or feminine wash (like our Yoni Femme Wash) onto your outer parts and then rinsing everything off. This will remove any buildup on the outside and clean up menstruation and sweat without interfering with the delicate cleaning process happening inside.

And douching? No way – stay clear! Medical professionals agree that douching can actually harm your vagina, and you don’t need to worry about washing the inside of your intimate area. Simply put, don’t mess with what your mama gave you!

2. Artificial Fragrances Are A No-Go!

Hunties, it is always important to check the label, but never more so than for products made to cleanse and refresh your Vibe. Let’s be real – it’s a sensitive area, and many soaps and lotions have tons of artificial ingredients that can cause irritation and pain. So, it’s always best to make sure you pick products with all-natural ingredients because all those extra chemicals can cause dryness and itchiness. And we say “No, thank you” to that!

It’s true; anyone can be allergic to anything. Considering that, why use products that are full of potential allergens? There are plenty of more natural, organic ingredients that can be, and are, used in other products. So, make sure you are a conscientious buyer when it comes to your feminine products.

3. V-Toxes Are Your BFF

If you feel like pampering yourself for some full rejuvenation therapy, you can try products like Yoni Pearls. This amazing product refreshes your Vibe with all-natural ingredients to aid in your normal vaginal cleaning. Though they’re not for daily use, they are nice when you want to kick back, relax, and make your body happy. You insert them like a tampon and leave them in for a number of hours while they infuse your Vibe with healthful natural herbs.

Sure, y’all know there are times when you’re distinctly not feeling so fresh down there, but even when you’re dealing with your period, you can still stay on top of your feminine hygiene and freshness. It may not ease the cramps or bloating, but it’s nice to refresh your Vibe when it’s hurting or not feeling its best.

4. Balance is Important

Your Vibe relies on a delicate pH balance to maintain its health. Because of this, strong soaps filled with artificial ingredients and douches can easily disrupt that balance, making you more susceptible to infection. That’s why it’s so important to use a small amount of mild feminine wash to clean your vulva. Your vagina is naturally acidic which helps to stop harmful bacteria from entering and causing infections. Strong, abrasive cleansers or soaps can disrupt that pH balance and make your Vibe a target for some nasty illnesses. So, take care of yourself…and your Vibe!

If you’re feeling a little out of whack down there, you can even check your own pH with at-home pH test strips!

5. Feminine Wash Is Your Other BFF

Many companies have come out with refreshing feminine washes, which are specifically created not to disrupt the delicate pH balance in your vaginal canal and can be easily incorporated into your daily shower routine. 

As we said before, your vagina is naturally acidic which makes it difficult for bad bacteria to invade your intimate area. However, many abrasive feminine washes contain ingredients that also make it hard for your Vibe to keep protecting itself. It’s paramount that you check the feminine wash to make sure you know what you’re using to cleanse yourself.

If we’re honest, nothing will completely mask your Vibe’s smell without putting your body at risk, but using a feminine wash like ours will clean away excess sweat and urine buildup on the vulva. That, combined with a change of panties, will likely combat any strong odor you’re sensitive about.

6. Odor Is Normal

Look, no one wants to hear that someone else can smell them, right? That’s why we wear so many sweet-smelling lotions, perfumes, and deodorants. And as women, we want to smell amazing all the time! 

But hunties, your Vibe was never meant to smell like a flower garden. A natural earthy scent, sometimes salty or a little musky, is completely normal. If you’re unsure about your Vibe’s scent, check out our other article that breaks down the difference between a healthy Vibe smell and an unhealthy one.

While there’s no healthy way to permanently get rid of your Vibe’s natural scent (and you really don’t need to), there are some safe ways to mask it slightly or lighten it temporarily. 

If you’re worried about your scent, talk to a doctor first. Most likely, it’s just your natural smell and completely healthy. But if it isn’t or if you’ve noticed a sudden, major change in your Vibe’s scent, your doctor may be able to give you some answers. A change in smell may indicate a pH imbalance, yeast infection, or other kind of problem.

7. Cleanse Gently

We must cleanse, but we must cleanse gently, hunties! Open your lips, and use either a washcloth or a clean hand to gently cleanse your intimate area. You can use warm water on its own if you want or gentle unscented feminine soaps or washes. A little dab will do ya!  And try not to get it inside your Vibe’s opening, just clean between the lips and around the hole. Thoroughly rinse the area afterwards and pat it dry. Simple, yet effective.

If you want, you can always carry some portable feminine wipes for some on-the-go cleaning or extra protection if it’s that time of the month. These are made to be gentle on your vulva and leave you feel refreshed. Just remember to wipe front to back, not the other way around. You don’t want to transfer the bacteria from the anal area forward.

8. Change Is Good, Literally 

Hunties, we know how important our clothes are! That’s why you should choose natural fabrics, and what is more convenient than breathable, cotton underwear? It’s gentle and allows moisture to evaporate instead of staying damp and moist. Many women are sensitive to synthetic fabrics, and synthetics just don’t have the same kind of breathability which can cause yeast infections, which are no fun at all!

Moms are constantly telling their kiddos to get out of their damp clothes, and we need to take that same advice, too! Wet, warm clothes are bacteria’s favorite spot to pitch a tent and get comfy! Remember, your Vibe already has the perfect balance of bacteria, so staying in those damp conditions can cause an infection by messing up the balance of your Vibe’s bacteria. 

Be proactive, and remember to change your panties every day, at the very least. Some women even like to change 2-3 times a day, and there’s nothing wrong with that! If you’ve been sweating, that moisture buildup may bother you as well, so feel free to change more often than once a day--trust your judgment!

When it comes to your Vibe, you can never prioritize your feminine hygiene too much. So, stay dry and fresh all day long with these fabulous tips and tricks, and your Vibe will be thanking you every single day! 





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