A Guide to Use to Know You Have A Healthy Smell Coming from Your Vagina

A Guide to Use to Know You Have A Healthy Smell Coming from Your Vagina

Oct 07 , 2020

Shashicka Tyre-Hill

Hunties, have you ever wondered about your intimate scent? If so, it’s completely normal. 

Plenty of companies out there will try to sell you products to help you give your Vibe a sweet, floral scent. But is that what your Vibe is supposed to smell like? Why are there so many scented tampons? Is Gwyneth Paltrow serious about a vagina smelling like a combination of flowers and sweet fruits? Is your partner just being picky by complaining about the smell, or is there something to it? So many questions may be running through your mind right now just thinking about it!

Well, let us set your mind at ease: your Vibe is not supposed to smell like a rose garden, and your scent will vary based on who you are and where you are in your monthly cycle. So many things can affect your smell, either temporarily or permanently! 

Whatever you smell like, be proud of it. It’s a combination of the things that make you, well, you.

But since we’re on the subject, let’s make sure both you and your partner know what a healthy vaginal smell is before unreal expectations are set or accusations of subpar hygiene start being slung around.


Am I Washing Enough Down There? 

The short answer? Yes. Women have been worrying for centuries about their natural scent and trying to find ways to disguise it. We’ve tried everything from shoving soap up there, (a big no-no!) to douching (another big heck no!). For those who aren’t in the know, douching is widely considered to be an unhealthy practice, if not a downright dangerous practice of squirting mixtures of water and vinegar up into the vagina to clean it out. All of that just to avoid a smell? No more, hunties – no more!

Your vagina is an efficient self-cleaning masterpiece, and it doesn’t need much help from you to maintain its perfect pH balance and good bacteria to protect your intimate areas from infection. Messing with what nature gave you is usually a recipe for disaster, and this is one place you don’t want disaster to strike.

But for those of us who want to stay fresh, there are legitimate feminine products for people who want to assist in their Vibe cleansing, such as feminine washes, wipes, steaming, and other holistic methods. But it’s important to always check the warnings to make sure that method is right for your body in particular--we’re all unique!


Does My Period Affect My Smell?

Ummmm, of course, it does! Your body’s monthly cycle affects every other part of your life, so it makes sense that it affects your Vibe’s smell too. Blood is very distinctive, and the addition of it to your natural secretions will give everything a coppery scent.  

Similarly, a lack of periods will affect your scent too. During and after menopause, your body will produce less estrogen which affects the amount of vaginal secretions. Your Vibe’s pH will likely increase without those secretions which will end up changing the scent to be less acidic.


Is My Vagina’s pH Balance A Factor? 

Whatever unique scent your intimate area emits, it is all because of the pH balance. 

Your vagina is naturally acidic which is why it usually has a tangy smell. Despite those normal levels, there are a lot of things that temporarily change the pH, and therefore the scent, and not all of which are medical issues. 

For example, if you’re currently taking a regimen of antibiotics, you may notice a change in your Vibe’s smell. That’s because antibiotics kill bacteria, even the good kind in your vagina. Luckily, it’s not dangerous or permanent, otherwise your doctor wouldn’t have prescribed them, so don’t worry!

Even just changing your diet might affect the pH balance and change the smell. Certain foods like garlic, onions, vinegar, and blue cheese have been accused of affecting the smell as well, and not for the better. Other behaviors like smoking or not staying hydrated can also increase the smell or alter it. Like we said, there are so many possibilities!  

If you want to check up on your pH, Femme Detox has you covered with our Vibe pH Test Strips! Knowing instead of guessing is always the better choice, hunties!


How Do I Know If the Change in Smell is Unhealthy? 

We’ll give it to you straight - some smells are definitely not okay. You probably have a good idea of how your body smells by now and can tell when something is wrong, but here are a few guidelines just to be safe. If you suspect that your Vibe is giving off an unhealthy odor, talk to your doctor about it. Though it’s probably something temporary, the smell might be a symptom of a serious medical condition.

  •         A strong chemical odor could either mean a buildup of urine in the vulva, which likely means you’re dehydrated, or could be a result of a more serious illness called bacterial vaginosis.
  •       A pungent, fishy smell could also be bacterial vaginosis, but it can also mean a yeast infection. Don’t panic! Both are common and easily treated.
  •       A rotten or putrid smell is probably not actually coming from your vagina, but what’s inside of it. It’s usually a forgotten tampon that’s been left in for too long. It sounds weird, but with our busy, everyday lives, it can be easy to forget something is in there, especially toward the end of your cycle. A tampon left in for too long can lead to unbelievably bad infections like Toxic Shock Syndrome, so if the tampon is in your vagina and you can’t remove it, seek medical assistance immediately.


In addition to these smells, you should also see your doctor if you are suffering from:

  •         Pain during sex or urination
  •         Very thick discharge
  •         Discharge that is an unusual color, (yellow or green)
  •         Bleeding unrelated to your monthly cycle
  •         Itching
  •         Burning


So, What Smells Are Healthy? 

Between the natural secretions your Vibe makes to keep itself clean and healthy, and the sweat glands located in the groin, it’s no wonder you have a distinctive smell.

But hunties, never fear! Here is a short list of Vibe smells that are just fine:

  •         Tangy or sour due to the acidic pH
  •         Metallic, like blood - this is most common during your period.
  •         Earthy and robust
  •         Like a skunk or marijuana, which may stem from emotional stress

Your smell can and will change over time. Every woman with a Vibe knows they have their own, unique scent, but it fluctuates, and that’s normal. It’s not always all about your period either. More or less stress can affect it, aging can affect it, even just recently having sex can affect it. Pregnancy and breastfeeding also trigger changes in hormones which can also affect your Vibe’s scent as well. 

So, don’t be afraid to check the smell on a regular basis so you’re familiar with the normal, healthy scents. That way, you will know if something’s wrong.


Can I Get Rid of The Smell?

While there’s no healthy way to permanently get rid of your Vibe’s natural scent, (and why would you want to?), there are safe methods to change it slightly or simply decrease its strength. 

Certain companies sell natural feminine products without a lot of artificial ingredients to help you safely cleanse your Vibe. Feminine wipes are an easy, safe way to clean the outer vulva and a quick thing to try if you want to experiment. Just be sure not to use them on the inside of your intimate area; it may cause irritation to the sensitive skin.

Your Vibe’s smell is a personal matter and preference. So, no matter what cleansing choices you make, it’s important that you do it for yourself.  If your partner is complaining that your scent is overpowering, simply stand up for your body! Be the queen you’ve always known you can be, and tell them that it’s your body, and it’s perfect (because it really is!)! If they don’t recognize that, then they don’t deserve to be in your bed. 

It’s your Vibe, your scent, your choice!





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