What is the Best Natural Feminine Wash?

What is the Best Natural Feminine Wash?

Oct 23 , 2020

Shashicka Tyre-Hill

Feminine washes? Yes, please! Let’s dive in, and talk about some ways to maintain your personal feminine hygiene. And we’re not just talking about slapping on some deodorant and running a brush through your hair, hunties! 

Think about it - what better way to feel confident than to know that your Vibe is fresh and clean? Plenty of articles will tell you about deodorant or floral scented detergents, but cleanliness starts with your body. 

I thought my Vibe cleaned herself?

Now, we all know that your Vibe will naturally clean itself, but there’s no harm in facilitating that cleaning with additional tools, right? We just have to choose them carefully. 

Y’all know by now that your vagina is a self-cleaning organ, fully equipped with everything Mother Nature intended. So, clearly, we don’t need to mess with that. Your vulva, on the other hand, is composed of all the parts on the outside, and this bad girl need to be washed, just like the rest of your body. 

But wait! Not exactly like the rest of your body, right? Correct! 

Using that same fragrance-filled body soap on your Vibe can be super painful! Trust us – we hear ya, and we agree! We don’t recommend using conventional soap, full of artificial ingredients and fragrances. 

And what about douching? Hunties, let’s just all say NO! Medical professionals across the country agree that douching can actually upset your Vibe’s delicate pH balance and harm your vagina. No thank you! So, you don’t need to worry about washing the inside of your intimate area.

Instead, try using specially made feminine washes like our Femme Yoni Wash, which are specifically created with your intimate skin’s sensitivity in mind. They don’t contain the same types of antibacterial products as conventional body washes in order to preserve the delicate pH balance your Vibe truly needs. Again, they’re not meant to be used inside your Vibe, but if a little bit gets in there, (we know, it happens), it won’t mess anything up or cause irritated skin. And that sounds perfect! 

There are lots of feminine washes on the market, which is great because every woman’s body is different. You and your Vibe are unique – so embrace it! Try experimenting and do your research; what works for you might not work as well for your sister or your mother and vice versa. A combination of time and effort can help you find the best feminine wash that suits all your needs.

Now, let’s get down to business! The first thing to look out for are the ingredients. While anyone can be allergic to anything, do yourself a favor and stay away from highly scented washes, especially ones with lots of artificial ingredients. If you begin experiencing rashes, dryness, or itchiness after using a feminine wash, you should immediately discontinue its use, and talk to your doctor about the symptoms.

So, how can you find the best feminine wash for you? Let’s explore some possibilities, hunties!   

What is a Feminine Wash?

If you want to find the best feminine wash, you need to know what it is first, right? So, let’s start there! 

There are special types of feminine soaps which are made to preserve the pH balance and good bacteria in your vagina while allowing you to clean your vulva and outer intimate areas. That’s all a feminine wash is: a gentle type of soap made specially for your Vibe. You don’t need to use much of it each time you shower (a dab or so will do ya), and it’s gentle enough to be incorporated into your daily routine without irritating that intimate skin we love.

You can use a small washcloth or your hand, but, either way, be gentle! Use small, circular motions to get clean, and then move on. Many feminine washes advertise that they’ll improve your natural smell, but your Vibe wasn’t made to smell like a flower! It’s the truth! So, don’t worry about that, hunties. Just be you! If your partner has a problem with the smell, that’s a them problem.

If you’re truly worried about your Vibe’s scent, talk to a doctor. Most likely, it may just be your natural smell and completely healthy. But if it isn’t, or if you’ve noticed a sudden, major change in your Vibe’s scent, your doctor may be able to give you some healthful suggestions. A change in smell may indicate a number of problems, such as a pH imbalance, yeast infection, or other kind of problem that requires immediate attention. 

If you want, you can even check your own pH at home using our Vibe pH Test Strips. It’s good info to be able to bring with you to the doctor if your pH is out of balance! 

How Do You Use a Feminine Wash? 

Like all external parts of your body, the vulva does need to be manually cleansed. This includes the clitoris, clitoral hood, inner and outer lips. While plain warm water works just fine, some women enjoy the feeling of being super clean and refreshed! It boosts confidence, and we’re all about that! 

Especially during your period, when things are a little more slick than normal, it’s ok to want to use some feminine wash to cleanse your Vibe. It’s not a bad idea to routinely wash away your menstruation and sweat. 

Unlike the rest of you, though, as we mentioned, normal conventional soap can be irritating for that sensitive skin, and too much soap can dehydrate the skin and cause small tears in the tissue. Ouch! So, you definitely want to avoid this! Not to mention, those little tears make it easy for things like pelvic inflammatory disease or endometritis to set in. So, be careful, hunties!

So, how can you carefully use your feminine wash? Simply open the lips, and use either a washcloth or a clean hand to gently cleanse the area. You can use warm water on its own if you want or gentle unscented soaps or washes. You only need a small amount, and try not to get it inside your Vibe’s opening, just clean between the lips and around the hole. Then thoroughly rinse your body afterwards, and always pat it dry. Simple, yet effective.

What Does Feminine Wash Do for You? 

Oh, the benefits! Where do we begin? For one thing, feminine wash can help reduce your Vibe’s natural scent if you find it to be too strong or overwhelming. We get it - we’re all self-conscious about our natural scents. And as women, we jump through tons of hoops to always look and smell like a freshly picked rose. 

But in reality, our bodies smell like, well, bodies. It’s true! 

Between the healthy vaginal mucous and the sweat glands in your groin, your vagina will always have a scent, which is 100% natural. However, while it’s completely normal and not noticeable to anyone who isn’t up close and personal with your Vibe, you may still want to reduce that smell, and we respect that!

While nothing will completely mask your Vibe’s scent without putting your body at risk, using a feminine wash will clean away excess sweat, urine, and menstruation buildup on the vulva. That, combined with a change of panties, will likely combat any strong odor that you’re self-conscious about. However, as we mentioned, if you’ve noticed a major change in the amount or texture of discharge or the smell, you should consider seeking medical attention. It may be a sign of an infection or other illness.

Another great reminder is that it’s also a good idea to rinse off after working out or going swimming. No one wants all that sweat, sand, chlorine, or whatever else to just sit on their skin, especially not in such a sensitive area. Anyone with a Vibe has likely experienced having some foreign, not-so-comfortable substances down there, and we all know it’s unpleasant. Whether you’re wearing a bathing suit, wetsuit, clothes, or nothing at all, sand and chlorine get everywhere, and nothing short of a shower will get them out! 

So, when you hop in the shower to clean out your hair and the rest of you, make sure to give your Vibe a good cleansing too. Anything that disrupts the bacterial balance can lead to serious infections and other conditions, and let’s be honest, that’s just no fun! 

Artificial Fragrances Are A No-Go!

Hunties, it’s always important to check the label! Yes, ma’am! This is crucial but never more so than for products made to refresh your Vibe. This is a sensitive area, no doubt, and many soaps and lotions with tons of artificial ingredients can cause irritation and pain, so make sure you pick products with all-natural ingredients to keep your Vibe health and safe. All those extra chemicals can cause dryness, itchiness, and other unwanted symptoms. 

Anyone can be allergic to anything. So, considering that, why use feminine products that are full of potential allergens? 


So, what’s the best natural feminine wash? We think you know the answer, but if you need a little help solving the puzzle, click here

All in all, it’s about keeping it simple: make sure you are a conscientious buyer, and choose feminine products that use all-natural ingredients, meaning no sulfates, artificial fragrances, parabens, or all that other junk that's no good for your Vibe or any other part of you. 

When you keep these fabulous pointers in mind, you will undoubtedly find the perfect feminine wash that vibes with your Vibe! And that’s a win-win!





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