How Do You Clean Your Vagina?

How Do You Clean Your Vagina?

Oct 03 , 2020

Shashicka Tyre-Hill


Alright, hunties, let’s get down and dirty about how to stay clean! 

Let’s be honest - no one wants to be accused of being dirty or gross, right? People are usually shy about the more intimate aspects of personal hygiene. Because of this, Sex Ed classes at school ought to cover proper feminine washing techniques, but they’re often more focused on what a period is and how abstinence is the only way – but that’s a whole other topic! 

Everyone is quick to tell you to brush your teeth and use deodorant, but how many of them would be willing to talk about cleaning those private areas? Not many, right? 

That’s why the internet is your friend. You have to know these things! Things you might be too embarrassed to admit you don’t know, like the right way to keep your Vibe clean--you can ask your friendly neighborhood search engine and VOILA! There’s a ton of information out there; stuff your mom, sisters, or friends never told you. In fact, there may be a little too much information. So, how do you know what to trust?

Well, first of all, let’s clarify. When we talk about cleaning your Vibe, there’s actually two separate parts involved. The vulva, or outer parts, and the vagina, which is actually the canal inside. It’s an important distinction because both areas are sensitive, and both need to be cleaned in different ways.

So, let’s hash this out!  


How to Wash Your Lady Parts 

Like all external parts of your body, the vulva does need to be manually and regularly cleansed. This includes the clitoris, clitoral hood, and inner and outer lips. 

Simply open your lips and use either a washcloth or a clean hand to gently cleanse the area. You can use warm water on its own if you want, or gentle unscented soaps or feminine washes. You only need a small amount, and try not to get it inside your Vibe’s opening, just clean between the lips and around the hole. Thoroughly rinse the area afterwards, and pat it dry. Simple, yet effective.

Besides your vaginal area, you should also use similar methods to clean the area immediately behind the opening and around the anus. Just remember to go front to back. Wash the vulva before the anus to avoid spreading the bacteria from back there to up front (just like with wiping).

While plain warm water works just fine, some people enjoy the fresh feeling of clean achieved from soap or feminine wash, and that clean feeling can boost confidence. Especially during your period, when things are a little more slick than normal, a little extra rinsing and washing never hurts. 

For most people, conventional soap can be irritating for that sensitive skin. Too much soap can dehydrate your sensitive Vibe skin and cause small tears in the tissue. Ouch! Not to mention, those tears make it easy for things like pelvic inflammatory disease or endometritis to set in. Trust us – you definitely want to avoid that! This is why it’s important to use a feminine wash instead of regular soap--feminine washes were made for your Vibe, and are best equipped to be your choice for refreshing that Vibe!

Another great way to keep your intimate area clean is by using barriers during vaginal penetration, such as condoms or dental dams. Not only do they reduce the risk of STIs, but they also keep bacteria from the penis, fingers, or mouth from getting inside and possibly causing an infection. You should always rinse yourself off after any kind of sex by peeing or showering.

Keep your Vibe fresh and dry by frequently changing your underwear, at least once a day, and don’t have vaginal sex immediately after anal sex. Remember, you always want to go from front to back, not the other way around!


What Not to Do 

As opposed to the vulva, the vagina is actually self-cleaning. The discharge you feel and likely see in your panties is the vaginal canal’s way of keeping everything kosher down there. That discharge can appear either milky white or clear, and can smell differently too. It all depends on where you are in your menstrual cycle and your body’s hormonal levels. 

But not to worry - it’s all perfectly normal. The discharge originates from the cervix and works in a lot of ways to keep you healthy. It maintains the acidic pH of your Vibe, washes out the bad bacteria, nourishes the good bacteria, and makes it too slippery for bad bacteria to stick to your Vibe and give you infections. It’s really amazing when you think about it!

All of this says: hunties, don’t mess with a good thing! You might have heard people recommending douching, i.e. the process of squirting water or cleansing chemicals inside your vagina to clear everything out. Some people even use it as a means of birth control! 

No, no, no! Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work, and it’s definitely not good for you. Douching can disrupt your Vibe’s healthy pH balance and clean out the good bacteria you need. 

Wait, good bacteria?

It’s true--your vaginal canal hosts a large colony of good bacteria that helps you stay healthy. It protects against the types of bacteria that can cause disease and infection since your Vibe is, after all, an open hole. And if you are concerned about your scent, don’t be! It’s perfectly normal for a vagina to smell like a vagina. It’s completely healthy and hardly noticeable to other people.


Ingredients for Vagina Cleansing

Hunties, it is always important to check the label on feminine products you’re using, but never more so than for products made to refresh your Vibe. 

It’s a sensitive area and many soaps and lotions with tons of artificial ingredients can cause irritation and pain, so make sure you pick products with all-natural ingredient lists. One great example is when you choose herbs for vaginal steaming.

Vaginal steaming is a great stress reliever and very gentle on your intimate areas. Just make sure to check the temperature before you sit down because a burn can be oh-so-nasty down there. 

Various cultures around the world have historically used the process of steaming to clean their entire vaginal area. Some of the amazing herbs you’ll want to look for are:

  •         Mugwort
  •         Rosemary
  •         Yarrow
  •         Partridge berry
  •         Dandelion
  •         Sage
  •         Dong qui
  •         Marshmallow
  •         Basil
  •         Witch hazel
  •         Motherwort
  •         Lavender
  •         Calendula
  •         Rose petals
  •         Raspberry leaf
  •         Chamomile
  •         Himalayan salt
  •         Oregano


Additional Cleansing Options 

While not medically necessary, there are lots of products out there to help you stay clean. 

Many companies have come out with feminine washes that are specifically designed not to disrupt the delicate pH balance in your vaginal canal and can be easily incorporated into your daily shower routine. There are also feminine wipes which are great for women on the go, either to refresh yourself while you are out and about or to wipe off a public toilet before use.

If you feel like pampering yourself for a full rejuvenation, you can also try products like Yoni Pearls. 

Every woman’s body is different, and clearly, what works for some people may not work for others. Make sure to properly read the instructions for Yoni pearls before use and only use them in the recommended ways. Used properly, they are inserted into your Vibe like a tampon, with a string hanging out and are kept inside for a while to promote a full and organic V-tox. 

Whether you choose to change up your personal hygiene routine or sit back, relax, and V-tox after a long, hard day, your Vibe will thank you for the hard work you do to take care of it. 

However, you choose to do it, a clean Vibe is a healthy, happy Vibe!



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