How Long Do You Leave Yoni Pearls In?

How Long Do You Leave Yoni Pearls In?

Aug 06 , 2020

Shashicka Tyre-Hill

When it comes to refreshing your Vibe, prioritizing your vaginal health is essential. Thankfully there’s a surefire way to do this based on different personal preferences. Some women may allow their intimate area to clean itself naturally, and other times women prefer an additional tool for some added support.  

So, what is best? The short answer is that it’s up each woman’s personal want and needs. So, let’s explore to see what’s best for you!

Yoni detox pearls were born in order to craft another method to naturally clean out the Vibe after a menstrual cycle or to support a woman’s overall Vibe health. Let's face it, women's health care can mean a TON of different things- Fibroids, endometriosis, leucorrhea, ovarian cysts, bacterial vaginosis, dryness, ovulation, menstrual cycle, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical erosion, uterine fibroids and the list continues.

When it comes to yoni pearls, we're thinking V-tox or douche. This gives women another outlet to help support their bodies where needed and find what works best for them, which is awesome!

Before, there used to be an extremely limited assortment of feminine products sold and little to no public conversation regarding feminine hygiene at all. With today’s modern outlook on female reproductive health, there are now more outlets and research conducted to better aid and support a woman’s body.

Let’s take a deep dive together to better understand how the Yoni pearls work, what benefits they provide, and the possible side effects that may occur. By dissecting this information, you will then know how this product may or may not fit in your daily feminine routine.    

What Ingredients are Included?

So, what are the powerful, cleansing ingredients included in these tiny pearls of fabric? Since the product is all-natural, Yoni V-tox pearls only include the most natural herbs. To keep them all in place, there is a breathable fabric created to wrap these ingredients into tiny balls in order to fit for easy and painless insertion.

These are the ingredients that compose Yoni pearls:  

  • Refined Osthol
  • Stemona Root
  • Kochia Scoparia
  •  Motherwort
  • Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae
  • Don Quai (aka female ginseng)
  • Lovage
  • Borneol

How Long are Yoni Pearls Inserted for?

Ready to try these little balls of cleanliness out? For best results, these detox products are best left in for long periods of time, which could mean up to 24 hours.

If the pearls are left in for only a few hours, then there is the possibility that they may not yield maximum results.

While the pearls are inserted, it’s normal to see vaginal discharge. This will indicate the overall health of your Vibe.

Let’s Take a Peek at the Amazing Benefits

Yoni pearls produce several benefits for women who want to take an added step in caring for their overall Vibe health. While our lady parts do clean itself out on its own, there’s always a few extra precautions that can be taken.

Let’s explore the following benefits that will provide extra support to your normal self-care routine:

They’re Natural-  Since this product is made with natural herbs, there’s no manufactured toxins capable of causing harm or Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Natural and safe are key benefits of this product, which gives more women the ability to use them without high risk.

They’re Affordable- Thankfully, these products aren’t going to cost an arm or a leg to use regularly. Great news, right?

On average, these pearls cost about $5 for a pack of six.

Relieves Menstrual Cramps- Let’s face it! No woman wants to deal with pain or cramping during her menstrual cycle. With the use of natural herbs, these magical ingredients help ease many of these unwanted symptoms.

Zero Smell- There are times where scented products (especially herbal scents) cause an odor in a woman’s intimate area. However, since these are all-natural, that will not be an issue with these V-tox pearls.  

No Discomfort- Think about inserting a detoxing pearl the same way that one would insert a tampon. It should be painless and not cause any type of discomfort. If there does happen to be an uncomfortable sensation, then this could indicate that they’re not inserted properly.

Improvement of Blood Flow- If anyone suffers from irregular menstruation periods, thankfully this

treatment will be able to promote better, more consistent blood circulation throughout the entire body.

This is especially great for women with poor circulation difficulties.

Whole Body Benefits- When a body absorbs any type of product, no matter the

location, the entire body benefits from it! Amazing news, right?

For instance, if a woman happens to struggle with her skin complexion, these herbs are can help relieve and soothe some of these conditions. Pretty cool, right?  

Yoni Pearls Can Be Used at Home- Your home provides extra privacy, and who wouldn’t want that when we’re talking about feminine care? With these special products, there’s no need to go to a wellness center or schedule a doctor’s office for this kind of service. You can utilize this method whenever desired.

Are There Side Effects?

Whenever you place something inside your body, there is always a slight chance that side effect can occur. After all, our bodies are all different and unique!

While the following are unlikely, all these risks should be considered before choosing to actively use the product.

May Cause Irritation- Since the herbal pearls are kept inside the vagina for a long period of time, there is the chance that the body may not react well.

Any product inserted into the body creates the chance for irritation. This product in particular uses porous fabric to surround the herbs, which can host bacteria and germs if not careful.

Make sure to observe closely and be prepared to remove them as soon as a problem is detected. 

There is a Possibility for Toxic Shock Syndrome- V-tox pearls are a foreign object to the body like any other feminine hygiene product (like a tampon applicator). This product won’t clean or protect the womb area, so bad bacteria that develop may leave a part of the intimate area more vulnerable.

A Few Claims Have Been Untested- There have been several women who claim that this product works in a multiple ways, which is a great sign! However, scientists themselves have yet to agree.

This isn’t because scientists have found evidence against these claims, they just have not tested these claims themselves.   

Bad Bacteria May Grow- Detox pearls have the capability to house bacteria, both the good and the not so good. When unwanted bacteria grow, potential infections, such as yeast infections or bacterial infections, are much more likely.

Disturbance of the pH Balance- When any outside product is placed in the walls of your Vibe, there’s always the possibility that the pH balance may be disturbed, even if ever so slightly. Keep this in mind while wearing the pearls and make sure to monitor yourself closely.  

String May be Too Long for Comfort- Although this is not common, you just never know! If the string feels too long or brings discomfort, then this may not be the right product for you. There should never be a strange sensation associated with these pearls.

Picture a tampon, and then add a few inches to the length of the string to get a better visual of how this will look/feel. 

When Shouldn’t V-tox Pearls Be Used?

Like most products, there are some optimal times and some less beneficial times to use this product, both for safety reasons and for a more positive result.

By taking the following situations into consideration, you can avoid these times and instances where V-tox pearls may actually do your body more harm than good.     

During a menstrual cycle- One of the key reasons why detox pearls were invented was to clean out your Vibe, especially after a woman’s monthly cycle.

If these pearls are used during a period, they won’t produce optimal results, and the pearls may actually become tainted rather than transmit natural cleaning agents. 

While Attempting to Conceive- Helping the female body conceive is one of the possible benefits women can achieve after use. However, these products should be used before being sexually active with a partner.

By using these a few days before attempting to conceive, this gives the pearls an ample amount of time to work properly without possible interference.

During Sexual Intercourse- The most beneficial time to use the pearls is actually before any type of sexual intercourse. Otherwise, women should wait up to two days after the cleanse to be with their partners.

Two days creates a safe timeline for women, so they can see if they’re experiencing any possible side effects.  

If There is an IUD in Place- Women have used pearls with IUDs before with no issues, but it’s not advised.

The IUD can possibly shift or come out altogether once the pearls are removed. Since the herbs may soften the cervix, this kind of use is strongly discouraged.

When Using Essure Birth Control-  Essure is the one form of birth control that should never be used in conjunction with V-tox pearls. It’s not only unsafe, but it could counteract your birth control. 

Our Final Thoughts

Ok, let’s weigh in! Would Yoni detox pearls serve as a good fit for your new or existing feminine hygiene routine?

Clearly, it’s key to always be careful and conscious of your body’s overall response to this new treatment before continued use. But given their wide range of benefits and the treatment’s ease of use, Yoni V-tox pearls are worth a try if you’re looking to refresh your Vibe and get an extra little boost to your self-care regimen!


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