The Best Herbs Used for Yoni Steaming

The Best Herbs Used for Yoni Steaming

Aug 06 , 2020

Shashicka Tyre-Hill

Yoni steaming is considered a wonderful, healthful gift to the world of holistic women's health! This unique treatment has become increasingly popular in women's wellness over the years and continues to yield amazing results for the well-being of the female reproductive system. Ever heard of this soothing experience? If not, let us explain!

Yoni steaming is a healing steam treatment meant to support, relieve, V-tox, and soothe the female reproductive organs, especially when it comes to regularly occurring discomforts like menstrual pain.

All you have to do is simply sit with a bowl of steaming water infused with a special blend of Yoni steam herbs below you, allowing the steam to rise up toward the vulva and vagina area for cleansing effects. The ingredients in this herbal blend are carefully selected and have been part of even ancient practices. 

So, what herbs are used for Yoni steaming? This question, and its answer, are actually the key to understanding how this treatment works. 

First, let’s rewind a bit. 

We’ll discuss all of the herbs that are involved, the healing properties they deliver, and the overall benefits Yoni steaming offers when this treatment is utilized. 

What’s the History of Yoni Steam?

Wondering how this unique treatment came to be? 

Funny enough, Yoni steam has actually been around longer than you probably imagined. In fact, it actually dates back thousands of years stemming from a variety of different cultures, including those within:

  • Africa
  • Mayan cultures
  • Greece
  • Native American tribes
  • The Cook Islands 
  • The Philippines
  • Japan

With the many cultures that Yoni steam has evolved from, you can imagine it’s been used for a diverse set of reasons. More commonly though, it was used as a ritual to honor and connect with feminine energy, which may be one of the soulful benefits you are seeking.

When Do You Partake in Yoni Steam?

Since there are so many benefits and uses for conducting a Yoni steam treatment, this also means there are better times than others to partake in the treatment. Yoni steam may be done on a continuous basis, or for specific reasons in order to relieve unwanted discomforts. 

These are the ideal times to consider utilizing the treatment:

On a Regular Basis

In order to ensure that there is comfort associated with your monthly periods going forward, it’s best if you have Yoni steaming done on a regular basis. This will help control any complications from its novelty to your body, and create a more normalized routine for you in particular. 

While Experiencing Cramps

Cramps, be gone! The herbs used in a Yoni steam treatment can actually help promote calmness in the intimate area. Great news, right? So, for those who suffer from severe cramps and bloating during their regular period, this treatment should be done at least one to two weeks before a period begins. If you have Yoni steaming done during a period, it could cause your flow to be heavier, and let’s face it, no one wants that!

For Fertility Reasons

The process of getting pregnant can cause a ton of different stressors on the body. Sometimes, the female body may just have a hard time conceiving in general, too. If this is happening, it’s best to take part in a steam treatment on or closer to your ovulation period to help relax your body and promote reproductive health.    

After a Miscarriage

When a woman experiences a miscarriage, it takes a large toll on the body both mentally and physically. So, to help support your body through the wave of emotions that crash in as a result, Yoni steaming, also known as a v-steam, can provide much needed relief from emotional stress.  

During Postpartum

Similar to a miscarriage, the body goes through a ton of stress both mentally and physically during pregnancy and for a period of time afterward. After giving birth, it’s important to allow your body to heal, and this unique treatment may help aid in your recovery process.

What All-Natural Herbs Are Used?

Yoni steaming is packed with a powerful array of all-natural herbs that can all yield amazing benefits! From helping with menstrual cramps to improving reproductive health, these all-natural ingredients are meant to set your body up for premier success. The following herbs have been used for centuries by herbalists and are used in order to offer the best Yoni steaming experience possible.  

  • Mugwort 
  • Rosemary 
  • Yarrow 
  • Partridge Berry 
  • Dandelion 
  • Sage 
  • Dong Qui 
  • Marshmallow 
  • Basil 
  • Witch Hazel 
  • Motherwort 
  • Lavender 
  • Calendula 
  • Rose Petals 
  • Raspberry leaf 
  • Chamomile 
  • Himalayan Salt 
  • Oregano

What are Some of the Herbal Benefits?

Along with the list of all the herbs included in a Yoni herbal steam treatment comes the powerful benefits they each possess individually. All take part in and contribute to the overall results that Yoni steam provides. So, what are the benefits these powerful herbs can provide? Let’s take a look!


Mugwort is particularly helpful with promoting the immune system as it pertains to maintaining reproductive health, warding off unwelcome bacteria.


Not only does this herb smell fabulous, but it also has amazing antibacterial properties. 


Are you suffering from irregular periods? We understand! Those can definitely be a nightmare all of their own, but yarrow comes to the rescue by helping to regulate and support overall uterine health. 

Partridge Berry

Partridge Berry is definitely a superhero when it comes to assisting with reproductive health. Not only that, but this unique berry also helps with pain relief and can help maintain your reproductive system's functions, including the menstrual cycle. 


Did you know that this herb can cleanse, tone, and promotes overall feminine health? Talk about a triple threat! 


To aid with the mental aspect of Yoni steaming, sage is there to help relieve feelings of sadness. 

Dong Qui

Dealing with regular PMS symptoms? We know they can really put a damper on your day. But Dong Qui has you covered! This soothing herb also helps with overall Vibe and reproductive health and occasional vaginal dryness.  


Marshmallow can support reproductive functioning especially in the realm of maintaining healthy Vibe tissue, leaving your intimate area happier and healthier.  


In order to strengthen the uterus and ease occasional menstrual cramps, make basil your new friend!   

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel helps support blood flow circulation. Want the great news? Even a little goes a long way! 


Motherwort is best known for easing muscle tension, helping to relieve cramping as a result. Don’t forget to add this herb to your Yoni steaming list!  


Promote relaxation and support the menstrual flow with lavender on your side!


Right after giving birth, calendula can swoop in to soothe and promote healthy scarring.

Rose Petals

 Rose petals help soften the outside skin barrier and leave a fresh, floral scent behind. Amazing!


Get to work by toning uterine muscles with this powerful herb!  


Packed with power, chamomile can promote feelings of calmness and reduce anxiousness that comes with more difficult menstrual periods. 

Himalayan Salt

There’s nothing better than having an all-natural remedy to help balance your pH levels. The intimate area of the female body needs this especially, so Himalayan salt is definitely a “go-to” ingredient for maintaining pH in the reproductive system. 


Who knew oregano could help with your intimate area, too? Use this ingredient when you need pain relief or an extra immune system boost.

The Benefits Yoni Steam Offers

Oh, the benefits! As we mentioned before, there are a ton of benefits that v-steaming delivers for women who may be experiencing pain or discomfort in their daily lives. When anyone has to deal with feminine issues on a routine basis, it can be exhausting and overwhelming. Thankfully, this treatment offers the following fabulous benefits just for you:

  • Can provide pain relief and relieve bloating related to menses
  • Can promote regular period flow
  • Supports the body's self-healing system post-childbirth
  • Helps to maintain healthy bacteria and pH levels in the body
  • Can help with the relief of regular menopause symptoms like occasional vaginal dryness 
  • Promotes vaginal canal health such as tightening
  • Supporting immune health in a women’s Vibe, which can guard against vaginal infections

Did You Know These Herbs Provide Emotional and Spiritual Benefits?

Pretty cool, right? Yoni steaming actually offers emotional and spiritual benefits along with all the fabulous physical ones we just described. The treatment was actually crafted with these capabilities in mind. Believe it or not, Yoni steaming can be responsible for helping with the following additional issues as well: 

  • Assisting women with connecting with their ancestral roots 
  • Expressing emotions and relieving feelings of anxiousness that can build up
  • Helping women connect with their feminine energy 
  • Relieving overall emotional tension
  • Promoting good sleep

Our Final Thoughts

One of the biggest questions women have about this process is what herbs are used for Yoni V-tox steaming? The use of all-natural, healing herbs is the main reason why Yoni steaming works wonders on the female body and provides so many amazing results, especially when paired with aromatherapy utilizing essential oils. 

With that said, there are also many benefits that you can soak up when choosing to add a bajos​​​​ treatment to your daily routine. So, why not give it a try? You and your Vibe deserve self-care! If there’s an unwanted feminine issue that you’ve been struggling with, this just may be the solution you’ve been longing for. Its all-natural properties and easy process make it suitable for use for most women who desire a positive boost to their daily feminine and overall Vibe health. 



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