What are Yoni Pearls?

What are Yoni Pearls?

Aug 06 , 2020

Shashicka Tyre-Hill

When first hearing about Yoni Pearls, your mind might instantly jump to thinking about the type of beautiful pearls found in the ocean. While that's a normal association to make (and we do love saltwater pearls!), the pearls we’re talking about are actually quite different. 

Hear us out! 

Yoni Pearls are best defined as “small bundles of joy” which are used to detox, or V-tox as we like to call it, a woman’s intimate area and can help relieve or soothe unwanted or uncomfortable symptoms she may go through on a regular basis, such as vaginal dryness or menstruation problems. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Well, here’s the best part. These pearls are all-natural and can offer some of the best Vibe healing benefits when used regularly. Unlike other feminine care products that utilize artificial ingredients, these pearls will give you peace of mind every time! 

Together, we’ll take a further look at these powerful Vibe pearls, and see if they’re right for you. We’ll look into the benefits they offer, the main ingredients involved, and any possible side effects that may occur with use. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

What Do They Look Like?

Believe it or not, these pearls actually resemble their name. Yoni Pearls are small balls consisting of an ivory fabric material that holds all of the natural herbs for detoxing the body together. Like a tampon, these pearls have a string for easy removal. 

However, they may seem wider in comparison since they’re rounder in nature than a tampon, which is usually longer and narrower.

Where Detox Pearls Originated

It’s always interesting to explore how this particular feminine product was discovered. These pearls actually came from holistic ingredients like rhizoma smilacis glabrae, based on Chinese medicine that's been around for the past 5,000 years. Because of this, it’s safe to say that these pearls’ long-standing role in even ancient health care is indicative of their credibility.

The Benefits Yoni Pearls Yield

What benefits can these little powerful pearls provide? What a great question! Yoni Pearls can aid in the support of the female reproductive system, primarily by improving and maintaining overall Vibe health, not just in the vulva, but also within the ovaries and cervix. A healthy vagina is more likely to have reduced vaginal discharge (leucorrhea), can help with irregular menstruation, have improved blood flow and blood circulation, and is a stronger adversary against bacterial infections and bad bacteria due to increased abilities for self-cleaning. Increased Vibe refreshening may also result in improved Vibe health!

When Should Yoni Pearls be Used?

For some of the best outcomes, these pearls generally yield better results when used before a woman’s period, but not when the cycle is only seven days away. This could interrupt the menstruation cycle, so it’s best to not insert anything into the intimate area that is close to the predicted menstrual cycle. 

The same goes for after the period. It’s best to wait for your system to recover for at least three days after your cycle before using these detox pearls. 

By taking these extra precautions, V-tox pearls can do their thing without unexpected side effects to your womanhood's calendar.

Are There Times When Yoni Pearls Should be Avoided?

Like any other aspect of general health care, there are certain times where a product may be more beneficial than others. This product is meant to help a woman’s intimate area, so these are the scenarios that should be avoided in order to eliminate any potential harm: 

  • When the hymen is intact (applicator may cause pain)
  • During pregnancy 
  • While breastfeeding 
  • When an IUD is being used 

On top of this, ensure to ever use a Yoni Pearl more than once--they are single-serve! 

If Yoni Pearls are used during these scenarios, it can lead to an increased risk of certain health conditions that should be avoided. After all, Yoni Pearls are meant to help cleanse rather than hinder, so being cautious based on your own health is highly recommended.

How to Properly Use Yoni Pearls

Now that we know what Yoni Pearls are, the benefits they may yield, and when to avoid use, how should they be inserted? 

The best way to think of a Yoni Pearl is like a tampon and tampon applicator combined. Although they’re a slightly different shape, they should still be inserted similarly. By following these steps, you'll get an idea of the best way to approach the process.

Wash your hands

A woman's intimate area is delicate and prone to invasion of bad bacteria that could lead to bacterial infection, bacterial vaginosis, and vaginitis, so it’s best to be as cautious as possible whenever in and around that general area. Once your hands are thoroughly washed, you're ready to handle the Yoni Pearls. 

Remove the Yoni Pearls from the packaging 

You should only insert one Yoni Pearl at a time. The intimate area should be treated carefully while allowing a product like a detox pearl to work its magic. However, there are some women who have inserted up to three at a time, though we don't recommend this if it's your first time. If this is something you grow to be comfortable with, you can insert 2-3 pearls at a time for a more thorough V-tox.  

Insert the Yoni Pearl about 3 inches (7 centimeters) inside the vaginal opening

For these pearls to do the work they are intended to do, it’s essential to have them inserted fully into vagina. Use your middle finger to help push the Yoni Pearl into its place. This positioning is so they may work to the best of their ability and be placed high enough in order for them to not cause any discomfort, similar to the positioning of a tampon.

Remove the pearl no later than three days later

While the pearl is meant to detox your system and refresh your Vibe, it can cause harm to the body if left inserted for too long. If left inside for longer than three days, the pearl can cause infection or lock in unneeded bacteria, which opens the opportunity for yeast infection or, more rarely, toxic shock syndrome.

Remove the pearl and clean the intimate area with warm water

After the V-tox is officially over, make sure to rinse off the area with warm water to give your body a natural cleanse after removal. That way, any excess residue can be rinsed away, keeping you feeling refreshed after the detox. 

Insert next pearl and repeat previous steps

If you desire another pearl for an extra boost, then by all means, repeat all previous steps. It's generally not recommended to do this more than twice a month, though, that way you can give your body a rest. Your V-tox is now complete!

How Long Should Yoni Pearls Remain in the Body?

While some experts say detox pearls can remain in the body for up to three days, they are more regularly used for only a few hours up to a day. Your V-tox time is very much a personal preference. So, do what you’re most comfortable with and what works best for you!  

With that said, it does start to become worrisome if these items are left inside the vagina for longer than three days. This is not recommended. As we cannot emphasize enough, it can result in bacterial infection and even toxic shock syndrome from leaving a foreign object inside the body too long.

Yoni Pearls' Beneficial Main Ingredients

These pearls pack an all-natural punch! Yoni Pearls are made with all-natural ingredients that can yield some of the best benefits around. Honestly, what’s better for the body than a few healthy herbs? 

Here are a few of the amazing herbs that can be found in Vibe detox pearls, which can give your Yoni the refresh it needs!


Meant to help regulate the menstrual cycle, motherwort can be used to detox the body and help support the immune system's inflammatory response, especially when it comes to pain relief from menstrual cramps. This helpful ingredient is also said to help relieve discomfort caused by menopause and PMS.


Rhizoma has anti-inflammatory properties, which is helpful for those who are dealing with pain and discomfort in the intimate area of the body. Known to also help eliminate toxins and support the reproductive system's defense capabilities, it’s quite the superpower tool.


Angelica is a powerful ingredient meant to help with not only menopause, cramps, and PMS, but also the dreaded hot flashes that are associated with these lovely conditions. Now that sounds like magic, doesn’t it?


Osthol, also known as cnidium, is known for strengthening the uterus, relieving feelings of itchiness, and increasing sexual libido. If there’s any potential bad bacteria build up, this herb is known to help improve that too.


Borneol is a rare herb that should be treated like gold! This herb is used to help support multiple systems within our bodies, so it can get the job done when added to any detox pearl. It can also help promote overall Vibe health by helping to remove toxins.

Some other common ingredients in Yoni Pearls include stemona and kochia scoparia, which are also powerhouse plants that can help with maintaining overall vaginal health.

There you have it! Quite the super-hero group of herbs all packed into one tiny pearl, now isn’t it?

Keep These Possible Side Effects in Mind

Your body is unique! Therefore, not every woman will react the same to Yoni Pearls, and that’s perfectly normal. When trying any new health care product, there is the possibility for side effects to occur. Because of this, here are some side effects to keep in mind while using V-tox pearls. 

  • Cramping
  • Frequent urination
  • Possible bacterial infection 
  • Killing off good bacteria (can increase the risk of yeast infections)
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease from leaving the pearl in for too long
  • General inflammation 

If any of the above occur, make sure to immediately stop using Yoni Pearls, as the body isn’t reacting positively. As with any detox process, always speak with a medical professional before beginning use. Their expertise and advice will help better assess if this product is really best for your body. If it’s not, they can better determine the next course of action capable of yielding your desired results, such as a Yoni steam instead.

Our Final Thoughts

Now, the only question is “are Yoni Pearls for you?” 

With all of their benefits, best uses, and all-natural ingredients, this is truly an amazing detoxification product specifically made for the female body and the intimate area. 

These V-tox pearls have been around for quite awhile, too. Their years of use speak to their ability to relieve some of the most uncomfortable and troublesome symptoms so many women experience in their daily lives. 

By not giving these super powerful pearls a try, you’ll never know if they’re your secret remedy to those troublesome issues that keep persisting. So, why not go for it? Give these V-tox pearls a chance for that much needed relief and feminine V-tox you’ve long been craving!


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