Yoni Pearls: Can They Actually Help You Get Pregnant?

Yoni Pearls: Can They Actually Help You Get Pregnant?

Aug 31 , 2020

Shashicka Tyre-Hill

Oh huntie, have we got a great topic in store for you!

Have you ever considered using yoni pearls before? What about in preparing for your next (or first) pregnancy? The mere thought of a newborn is probably bringing a smile to your face – it’s such a special time to look forward to!

Well, to better understand this product, yoni pearls are exactly what they sound like. They’re best defined as small round balls filled with all-natural herbs meant to control your Vibe and give it the extra boost it deserves. In fact, they look exactly like a pearl, if you can believe it!

And want to know the best part? These lovely little powerful pearls are all-natural and ready to help you out with an array of issues and difficulties you may currently be experiencing.

So, let’s explore exactly how these precious little pearls work. We’ll look at their benefits and possible side effects, as well as the process to really see how they can best help you and suit your lifestyle.

Ready? Let’s take a deep dive and get started!

Supporting the Reproductive System

To carry and give birth to a baby, especially your first baby, is a huge deal! We’re already excited for you! So, who wouldn’t want to prepare for it in the best way possible?

In fact, many women have used this type of treatment as a way to help prepare their beautiful bodies to carry new life. How exciting!

The all-natural herbs involved in the making of these products are meant to detoxify and cleanse your body, therefore preparing your body to take on a large milestone - such as giving birth. Each herb involved has its own specializations and benefits for the most well-rounded support.

Additional Benefits? Yes, Please!

Hunties, there are so many more reasons to use yoni pearls that you have yet to be introduced to and that have yet to even be discovered. Since they are an all-natural product meant to help you out with your Vibe, we’ve put together several additional ways these powerful tools can help you on a regular basis. Ready to be amazed? 

Yoni pearls can help with:

  •       Supporting overall vaginal health
  •       Supporting the menstrual cycle
  •       Improving pain associated with periods
  •       Supporting ovarian and reproductive health

Are you currently struggling in any of these areas? Yoni pearls can truly serve your body’s needs and encourage a greater sense of wellness. Your health and safety are extremely important to us, so we are dedicated to making products that truly work for you!

The 411 on Yoni Pearl Herbs

Speaking of all-natural, have you ever wondered what herbs are included in these powerful little pearls? Well, wonder no more! These all-natural ingredients are packed to the brim with health benefits that attend to your every need. Hunties, seriously, what could be better?

Yoni pearls pack a healthful punch with the following all-natural herbs:

  •   Refined Osthol
  •   Stemona Root
  •   Kochia Scoparia
  •   Motherwort
  •   Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae
  •   Don Quai (aka female ginseng)
  •   Lovage
  •   Borneol

Side Note: Don’t Use While Pregnant

While yoni pearls can help prepare your gorgeous body for its glowing months of pregnancy, you should not use them while actually pregnant, breastfeeding, or with your hymen intact. Why? Well, let us explain.

Your vagina is actually one of the most absorbent parts of your body, so the pearls and their ingredients will travel all throughout your body, including into your breastmilk. And herbs, although natural, may not be best if introduced to your baby so early in their development, as your baby may not be able to properly process them just yet.

On the other hand, if inserted during pregnancy, these powerful products can affect your baby during their important growth stages and could disrupt the overall development process.

Additionally, if your hymen is still intact, then this could be an extremely painful process for you in terms of insertion. The product is more of a ball, so it will be thicker than a tampon, increasing the chances of a possibly more painful entry for those who are not used to having other products inserted in their Vibe.  

Inserting Yoni Pearls Properly

Now that we know what these lovely magical pearls are and what they can do for all of the fabulous women out there, we want to teach you how to properly put them to good use. After all, why buy these babies if you’re not familiar with how to use them?

For that perfect V-Tox to refresh your Vibe, make sure to follow these simple, key steps for the ultimate lift and fix. We keep it simple to ensure that adding yoni pearls to your self-care regimen will fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle!  

  1.     First, wash your hands

Infections? No, thank you! Every precaution should be taken to avoid bacteria, as your Vibe is super prone to “not-so-nice” and “not-so-welcome” visitors inviting their way in.

After washing your hands, you’re ready to begin!

  1.     Take out only one pearl

While we know that multiple pearls can be inserted at once, it’s much easier to only insert one at a time. This is especially true for women who have never used yoni pearls before.

A V-Tox should also always be approached carefully too. These pearls can work their magic alone or as a team, so only using one pearl at a time will definitely be enough to do the trick.

  1.     Insert that pearl inside the vaginal opening

For optimum effectiveness and to make sure the yoni pearls are inserted far enough into the vaginal opening, they should be at least 7 cm deep (about 2.75 in).

Think about the pearl insertion in the same way one would insert a tampon. The main differences are that it’s supposed to be inserted slightly further into your Vibe and will remain there for a longer period of time. That way, the pearl(s) can really work to their full potential.

  1.     Don’t keep the pearls in longer than three days

It is recommended that these products should only be kept in for 24 hours, but three days should be the absolute max. If left inside your body any longer, the pearls can actually begin to have negative effects on your body.

Like tampons, yoni pearls can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can happen when a foreign object is placed in the body for too long, and the body begins to reject it. TSS is painful and dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs.

  1.     Remove the pearl(s) and rinse yourself with warm water

After you’ve enjoyed the V-Tox you deserve, it’s time to remove the product and be on your way! Go ahead and discard the pearl upon removal, as it is for single use only.

Then make sure to rinse your Vibe with warm water. This ensures that any residue left behind from the detox is thoroughly cleaned out.

  1.      Insert the next pearl and repeat

Insert, V-tox, rinse, repeat! Repeat these steps as often as you please. Some women will replace the yoni pearl after the first detox as they see fit. However, one is enough!

If you do desire another, then by all means, go for it! Otherwise, it’s not a bad idea to give your body some rest until your next session. 

Super simple, right? Now, you’ll feel refreshed and more secure knowing that your Vibe is clean, detoxed, and healthy!  

Keep These Side Effects in Mind

While yoni pearls do provide a lot of benefits, there are a few side effects to keep in mind. Remember, everyone’s bodies react differently, so it’s completely understandable if your body doesn’t respond in the same way as your friend who’s also doing a V-Tox!

While not too common, there are a few side effects that you should watch for you as you begin using these products, especially if using them on a regular basis.


Sometimes, when your body begins to reject a foreign object within the body, it does so by cramping. Since yoni pearls are inserted into the body rather than placed topically, an internal feeling of discomfort may occur.


Since it’s a new object essentially being placed in your body, your body may not take it well. It could be a specific herb that your body disagrees with, or the length of time the yoni pearls are inserted that can lead to an infection.

Make sure to keep a watchful eye and listen to your body if it’s feeling off. The sooner any infection is detected, the sooner you can begin feeling better with appropriate treatment!

May kill off good bacteria

While the yoni pearl can support your overall vaginal health, it can also kill off the good bacteria too. Unfortunately, these powerful fighters can’t tell the difference between the good and bad bacteria, and it’s the good bacteria that actually fights off infection and foreign invaders, so this can leave your body defenseless against certain bacteria.


Hunties, if your body doesn’t agree with what you’re putting inside it, it will definitely let you know. Trust us! Inflammation is a super common side effect when the body doesn’t enjoy these kinds of products. If this occurs, simply remove the product and wait for the swelling to diminish before placing anything else near the area. 

Our Final Thoughts

So hunties, what is your final verdict?

Yoni pearls are a simple, all-natural method meant to benefit your body in a multitude of ways. So, why not give them a try? Femme Detox has some of the best yoni pearls on the market, so check us out today for your feminine detox needs! We got you, girl!

Plus, if you need that extra boost to help support your body, prepare yourself to carry new life, and give it the V-Tox it deserves, this is the method for you!

Of course, as with anything inserted into the body, there may be a few side effects that come with use, but that is to be expected. Always make sure to monitor your body, and partner with a medical professional if you begin to see any irregular symptoms or experience any discomfort. After all, your health and safety should always come first. So, pamper yourself, and give your Vibe a little boost as you prepare for your greatest adventure yet – becoming a parent!


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