Vag-Health Sea Moss Gummies

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 Femme Detox Vagi-Health Sea Moss Gummies

Includes: (1) Vagi-Health Sea Moss Gummies (60 ct)

SEA MOSS CONTAINS 9 OF THE 9 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS- It's one of the most potent superfoods that aids women by easing menstrual cramps, fighting anemia, fibroids, PCOS and endometriosis, providing nutrients for pregnant/nursing mothers, regulating vaginal PH levels, assist to enhance libido, and improving fertility.

COMPLETE VITAMIN COMPLEX FOR WOMEN- Two BDE gummies contain as much vitamin C as 6 oranges, vitamin B12 as 7 cups of milk, B6 as 6 cups of spinach, and zinc as 3 cups of raw peas.


Holistic Feminine Care

Natural healing designed for women, by women.


Natural ingredients carefully selected for their soothing and healing properties.


Formulated to give you a natural detox while protecting and balancing your Vibe.


Unbalanced PH, dryness, odor, & itchiness are all things of the past!


Reclaim your body and wake up with a new feeling of refreshment and confidence.