About Femme Detox

Holistic Feminine Care
Natural healing designed for women, by women.

 Today’s market is loaded with products that feature these chemicals and cause some nasty side effects. Women need feminine hygiene that works with their body’s natural processes instead of replacing or revising them. Your body is a temple, and we all need a little self-care, right? You deserve comfort and confidence knowing you’re caring for your femininity with 100% all-natural products that don’t break the bank. That’s what you get with Femme Detox: natural healing designed for women, by women.

We only produce all-natural feminine hygiene products. What we provide are internal healers and soothers, designed to work with your body’s natural processes. Our ingredients are carefully chosen to help stabilize your Vibe’s pH, keep you comfortable, and promote better health from within. We all need a detox to refresh our vibe, heal from past traumas and boost our confidence.