5 Reasons Why

Femme Hydrating Oil is What You Need to Protect and Refresh Your Feminine Vibe


Helps Soothe & Comfort Your Intimate Areas

Achieve optimal vaginal health with the soothing, comforting sensation of our Femme Hydrating Oil. We don't call it the perfect formula for feminine hygiene for nothing.


Moisturize & Hydrate

Say goodbye to dryness and irritation with the oil's intensely nourishing properties. All-natural ingredients hydrate and moisturize for a silky smooth feel.


A Natural Detoxing Effect

Powerful, healing and all-natural ingredients help restore balance to support you on your feminine hygiene and wellness journey.


Aids In The Insertion Of Yoni Pearls

Femme Hydrating Oil helps you take a holistic approach to feminine hygiene, aiding in the insertion of Yoni Pearls. Our oil makes it easier to achieve and maintain a healthy pH environment of the yoni.


Feel Fresher & More Confident

Feel fresh and confident with the best feminine care on your site. Fully embrace the healing and preventative powers of the hydrating oil and watch it work its magic.