Why Did We Create Femme Detox?

Listen Hunties… I know that we have all had that dreadful thought of how healthy am I?

Once it starts, it spirals out of control. A few years ago, I was not feeling well, and I went to the doctor; needless to say, my body was going haywire. I did everything that they asked of me, but all the prescribed things led to another problem and they were not about to use me or my body as a science experiment. I needed something that was made by God and not by man. I started researching products that did not have any harsh chemicals in them. Once I found my healing, I started looking into other holistic ways of healing for people. Now, my journey is not everyone else’s, but it lit a fire in me to start helping others to learn and understand the beauty of 100% all natural and organic products.

As many of you may already know, I am Shashicka Tyre-Hill; a mother, wife, serial entrepreneur, go-getter and a Woman of God; whom I owe all my successes to. My life has not been easy, but I made the best with what I had, and I kept striving to make it to the top. I have many businesses and many ventures, but my all-natural and organic products are what puts a smile on my face. It brings me great joy knowing that we as women do not have to put ingredients in our bodies that will temporarily help us but have a long-lasting effect later down the road. That is why I started Femme Detox, the “She-Source for Refreshing Your Vibe”. These feminine products ignite and refresh your vibe with all-natural and organic internal healers and soothers to stabilize your pH and balance your body. Now who would not want something that does all of that with herbs Hunties? You can now feel confident in knowing that your care down there is packed with richness. It is a healthy V-tox designed to give you the ultimate freshness with no side effects. Women, you have been asking for it and after finding the right solution, I now introduce you to Femme Detox; a healthy solution that heals your body, relaxes your mind, and balances your Vibe.