Eliminates Embarrassing Odor

The V-Odorizer contains ingredients that neutralize the cause of the odor, such as sweat and bacteria. The spray smells like roses and will completely mask and combat any unwanted odors in your intimate area.

Soothes Intimate Area

Our ingredients are formulated to protect the skin. Many other feminine products are known for irritating the skin and furthering the problem at hand, the V-Odorizer contains aloe which acts to soothe the skin and prevent any irritation.

Lasts For Hours

We designed our V-Odorizer to last an entire day! Spray it once a day and forget about your intimate odor for the rest of the day. We guarantee 24 hours of complete odor coverage.

All Natural Ingredients

You can trust that your Yoni is safe with our products. Every ingredient is plant-based and works with your body's natural processes to prevent further irritation and odor. This spray contains no harsh chemicals that could harm intimate areas.

Regain Your Confidence

Most importantly, you can feel confident again! No more embarrassing odor. You can smell like roses all day every day with just one spritz of the V-Odorizer!